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Friday Fat Burners

Friday is all about the fat burning, in preparation for the weekend of eating and drinking! Here’s a great HIIT sequence I like to throw in after a 40 minute run around the park at tempo pace. If you are in the park, there should be ample stairs for you to work this : 8 […]

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Benefits of HIIT Training

Holidays are really fun. Great food.. great scenery.. but sometimes not so great for the diet. I hate the way 3 months of hard work in the gym, can be destroyed in just 3 days, don’t you? Anyway, I like my HIIT bits of workout when on holiday. It’s easy to find a place to […]

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Working out on Holiday with a Fitness Buddy

One of the best things about finding a friend to work out with while on holiday. is that you get to motivate each other to keep burning those calories from eating on vacation!   Try these simple exercises after 40 minute cardio for maximum results! My absolute favourite are the jumping switch mountain climbers (first […]

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Core Exercises in Tight Spaces

Well, well.. today we look at my absolute favourite workout for the core. All you need is a piece of cloth. You don’t need any gym equipment. Body weight will get you through this workout just fine! My favourite maneuver occurs in the middle of the video – using a piece of cloth, start in […]

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7 Day HIIT Challenge!

Complete this workout everyday for 7 days for amazing results! It’s basically divided into 3 parts, Cardio-HIIT-Cool Down. Super effective in flaying fat from the body and toning up all the flabby bits! Part 1 Warm Up: 10 minutes of easy cardio and stretching. Followed by cardio Day 1 : Cardio – 40 minute-1hour run, […]

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Because Nature is our Gym

You don’t need equipment or tools to work out. You can work out any time, any place! Here’s a simple routine I like to do, after a run.. which can really boost your heat rate through the roof , and increase your metabolism. Try it! 🙂 All you need is a seat that’s raised, for […]

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HIIT workout in a park

You want to burn fat. Not muscle. Here’s me, after my 15KM run around Kuala Lumpur with my running buddies at Padang Merbok. Aerobic exercise is great for flaying excess calories from the week’s feasting but believe me, you need a lot more work, once you hit 40, to keep that tight body! So, what […]

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