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My love for Argan Oil

It’s no secret. I love oils. And one of the oils that ranks high on my list, is the Argan Oil. It’s good for your skin, hair, etc .. and if you get the right sort, it is quickly absorbed too, and does not leave a yucky greasy layer. The active substances called triterpenoids that […]

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8 Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Having lived with combination skin all my life, it’s been challenging finding the right skin care. When you travel a lot, dehydration of the skin can certainly take its toll. Here are my 8 skin care tips, for Combination Skin: 1. Find the Balance Since there is an oily T zone for combination skin, striking […]

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Does the best sunscreen also have the highest SPF?

SPF stands for sun protection factor. This is a measure of how well the sunscreen deflects UVB rays. Currently, there’s no standard for measuring UVA protection. Manufacturers calculate SPF based on how long it takes to sunburn skin that’s been treated with the sunscreen as compared with skin that hasn’t been treated with sunscreen. Theoretically, […]

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Top 5 Homemade Vegetable Facial Masks

Making your own facial peels are fun.. and easy! They cost less and you can do it, anytime your fridge is full of fruits that might expire. Facial peels help exfoliate dead skin cells, loosening and peeling them away while lifting dirt from pores and stimulating collagen production. The sky’s the limit once you get […]

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