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I heart Banana Hearts

One of the tasty things to eat in Yangon, as a part of Myanmar diet, is the banana heart. Usually these are eaten with rice, as a vegetable side dish, and the nutritional value is amazingly high. Walking around Yangon markets, we were fascinated with this pseudostem. 100g of banana flower has the following nutrition […]

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The Fantastic Fig!

There’s nothing like a huge bowl of plain, sugar-free Greek Yoghurt to kick-start my day in the mornings. Well that, and figs. Instead of reaching for the sweetened yogurts, I find adding “live foods” and natural sugars, to my plain yoghurt, in the form of fiber rich fruits, so much more appealing. Figs are a sweet […]

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A Cute Infographic on Beer & Coffee!

We are not condoning drinking too much of either here, but this is a rather cute infographic of the good and the bad, of both Beer and Coffee. We all drink these from time to time… some more so than others – but as we say, everything in moderation, of course.   Picture Credit : […]

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That ancient grain called Amaranth ..

We have recently experimented with Amaranth in our diets, in more ways than one. Like quinoa, amaranth is an ancient grain that’s packed with protein. Its seeds are high in fiber, iron, and calcium. The plant’s spinach-like leaves are also edible too. When you cook it, don’t expect it to be fluffy like quinoa, it […]

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5 Benefits of Grape Seed Oil

So what’s the most healthy oil that you have in your kitchen? I think most folks would say, Olive oil. Thanks to its healthy fats i.e. monounsaturated fats and antioxidant vitamin E, olive oil is prized for its protective properties on the heart, but lately, olive oil has gotten some steep competition in the nutrition […]

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Champagne the new Red Wine!

We all know the health benefits of red wine. A glass has been proved to ward all evil away and keep heart disease at bay. Red wine’s resveratrol and polyphenols and natural body chemicals are all the components associated with heart health. The full bodied wines tastes great with red meat and the medium bodied […]

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