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10 Health Benefits of Celery Seeds

Being a long distance runner, aches and pains in the muscles are an inevitable.. A great way to treat muscle spasm naturally is with celery seeds. I like to add these seeds to my early morning juice but if you can’t get the seeds, the pharmacy sells these in capsule form too. Here are 10 […]

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Mad about Moringa!

Today I want to talk about the Moringa plant. My Indian friends use it regularly in their cooking (stir fried leaves, and seeds used in dhal) and it’s got tons of nutritious properties, but I want to highlight a few that’s important to running mothers! Firstly, a big energy boost.. yes sir indeed! And secondly, […]

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How to get pregnant, in your 40’s in 10 Steps

First of all, the disclaimer. These tips are based solely on my opinion and on research I have done, as a Pharmacist/Fitness Nutritionist, as a 40++ year old woman & a mother, after having conceived our baby girl, Luca Olesya. I’ve been asked these questions so many times in the Pharmacy, on how to get […]

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Luca’s Rage against the bottle

Our little girl has finally ended her rage against the bottle. Hunger strikes till mum gets home are a thing of the past. We hope! December is turning out to be a fine month and we hope the good run continues… Dad’s on a winning streak feeding bubs when mum is away. Our little boob […]

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