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HealthifyMe .. Personalised diet plan in my pocket

One of the biggest concerns for me, ironically, whilst working in the fitness industry, is actually eating on time, and getting proper & balanced nutrition into my system. Let’s face it, I’m ridiculously busy, running around and looking after my family’s needs first, especially my 2.5 year old, I’m left with little time for myself. […]

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How to potty train a toddler

So our two-year old is finally getting the hang of going to the adult toilet and using the big boy’s and girl’s potty! Woohoo. This may seem like nothing to you, but trust me, for a parent, it’s certainly a milestone. Some might say 2 years old is a late start, but we actually let […]

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Instagram – 3 Ways to Avoid The Comparison Trap

Pictures, Videos more Pictures.. more Videos. Everywhere we look these days we get a massive influx of information.. sometimes too much to even process. We sit down to do some paperwork and tackle our “TO DO” list, but inevitably find ourselves drawn to the glossy 4X4 grids of Instagram that feed us with image after image […]

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Good Hair Days, are Here to Stay!

I usually return from my travels with hair that’s in extremely bad shape. Dry, split, discolored. You name it. It might be the weather, the water, or maybe just my lack of time to do anything for myself since I also travel with a young family in tow. So yeah, hair is the last thing […]

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Tell me what you know about Night Terrors..? Nothing.

Last week as indeed a challenging week as a mother and parent. Our little one woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t be comforted. Me and my hubby tried everything – water, milk, food, rocking, cuddling, singing, even walking around the room, but her wailing escalated beyond our capabilities to handle it. […]

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How to achieve ‘functional fitness’ in middle age without injuring yourself

The 40’s might be the new 20’s but let’s face it, middle aged is as middle age gets. These days, it’s all about getting fit without killing myself in the process. As I enter my mid 40’s I find high impact sport choices, giving way to shorter more effective workouts. Now, “Functional fitness” is the […]

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