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Benefits of Juicing your Vegetables

Sometimes, all I want is a huge chlorophyll kick in the mornings, after my run.

That’s where juicing my vegetables come in.


The beauty of juicing vegetables is that you can really go to town with all the raw greens in your fridge, and yet you don’t have to chew till you get lock-jaw, if you get what I am saying.

Also a big difference between juiced vegetables and whole vegetables is digestion. According to the Living and Raw Foods website, juicing removes the indigestible fiber that is present in vegetables. Much more of the nutrients are then absorbed by the body as compared to eating the whole vegetable.

Certain diseases, such as inflammatory bowel diseases and malabsorption, make it difficult to digest food. This can often lead to malnutrition, since many nutrients are not readily absorbed by the body. Juicing is a way for the body to benefit from vegetables because it is easier to digest.

So, when my hubby (who’s like the king of juicing) got back from Indonesia, I made him make me his signature juice for me this morn. Today’s iron brew of spinach, carrots, oranges, calpis, cucumber and raw honey… Fruits are added to impart a natural sweetness as some may find plain vegetables bitter and just too unpalatable. This smoothie after a run is just super green and super yum! Other variations include beetroot and maca powder for a bigger protein kick when I’ve been pumping iron – maca helps with muscle recovery, and yes even when pregnant currently, I am still lifting weights. And finally on days when I am feeling a little constipated, this concoction is the best – his Avocado, mint, maca, chia seed smoothie! (do follow IG @cikipedia to see all these lovely smoothies and shakes, and recipes we share!)

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