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7 Tips for Bikini Holidays!

So.. your boyfriend proposes you go to Maldives for a holiday next month, or your mates decided to book Ko Samui for a hen party for your girlfriend.

Aiks… You are not ready! You need to diet a little (so you look hot by the beach), shop for essential beach items,  and oh yes, you need to buy that bikini you have been meaning to for so long..

But wait! Will your skin look bikini ready for your big debut by the beach?


Fear not, here are 7 easy tips on how to prepare your skin, for your bikini holiday!


1. Hair Removal

If you don’t want weird spots on your legs where the hair used to be, then take time to remove hair from your body. Bikini waxing is a must, or if you are like me, opt for laser hair removal – painless and quick, and you will definitely turn a few heads with your silky smooth skin by the beach.

2. Exfoliate

The only way to have a shiny tan is to remove all the dead skin from the surface of your body. I like to use both a loofah as well as a body scrub, to be sure. You can opt for either and it is just as good.

3. Moisturize

People generally moisturize their skin only after returning from the beach. I do it before as well because it helps my skin take in the tan better. It also keeps me from shriveling like a prune by the beach.

4. Check Feet!

A lot of people neglect their feet and toes. Make sure you give your feet the same care as your body – exfoliate, scrub and moisturize so that you will have an even tan down to your toes.

5. Fight Acne

If you have a back or chest that has acne, try a mild antibacterial wash, starting a month before your huge beach holiday. This will help the spots disappear so that you have a smooth back when you need to bare all in that teeny bikini. Incidentally a little bit of sun is actually good for acne. I have found cases where spots on my face disappeared after a day at the beach.

6. Use Sunscreen

Always use sunscreen. I use SPF30 for my face, and SPF15 for my body, but that’s because I am already pretty tanned. Some folks prefer using SPF30 – 50. It is up to you. The fairer you are, the more SPF you should use.

7. Hydrate

The sun can really dry out your skin. Have a huge bottle of water with you by the beach, fruits, isotonic drinks etc, and keep drinking every half hour. If you go for a run on the beach, wear a cap – this help prevent sunstroke caused by dehydration.

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