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8 Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Having lived with combination skin all my life, it’s been challenging finding the right skin care.

When you travel a lot, dehydration of the skin can certainly take its toll.


Here are my 8 skin care tips, for Combination Skin:

1. Find the Balance

Since there is an oily T zone for combination skin, striking a good balance between oily and dry is key. This means you want to avoid over-cleansing the T-zone and chin while protecting the dry areas without overdoing the moisturizer. Use a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water to wash your face and look for an emollient facial moisturizer to soothe dry areas. Products I like include Clarins Hydrating Moisture Set- Hydraquench Cream & Intensive Serum. You may omit the serum in the hot climate and just use the cream. Add on the serum when you travel to cold and dry climates.

2. Exfoliate.. gently!

On your oily T zone area, avoid using harsh scrubs or scrubbing the areas vigorously, this will only irritate your skin and can cause even more oil production. Feel free to exfoliate your skin but use a gentle exfoliator.

3. Mix your brands

Don’t be afraid to use different formulas and products for different parts of your face. For example, you might use a thicker cream on your cheeks than you would on the remainder of your face where you only need a light moisturizer. If you are having a breakout, you can even omit the moisturizer for a day or 2 on the T zone.

4. Tone baby Tone

Toners and astringents are great additions to your skin care regimen and can help clarify and balance pH levels in the skin. For combination skin I find that using an alcohol-free toner is the best for freshening up those areas and locking in moisture. I like to useToning Lotion – Combination/Oily Skin (New Packaging) 200ml/6.8oz

5. Know your Acids

I used a gentle fruit based acid to exfoliate my skin once a week. AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) are both very beneficial for combo skin but be sure you use a gentle one.

6. Protect Your skin

Apply sunscreen daily but be sure not to go overboard. SPF15 – 30 will do. Recently studies show that many people are showing signs of Vitamin D deficiency from lack of sun exposure – even those who live in the tropics. I know of folks who slather up on sunscreen even for a short walk to the shops and back. This is a bit ridiculous. A bit of sun on the skin is beneficial. It also protects against depression and helps in the production of Vit D.

7. Use a face mask

Using a facemask once a week is beneficial. Try a a Dead Sea mud mask that’s said to nourish skin and draw out impurities without aggravating combination skin.

8. Go fresh and easy

Choose natural products whenever possible to keep skin healthy and clear of harsh chemicals. Read labels and go for free of fragrances, oils, alcohol and irritants that can further aggravate finicky combination skin


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