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5 Hot Fitness Tips

So, with the holiday season just over, here are 5 practical fitness tips to help you get back in shape, or fine tune that already stunning figure that you possess. Let’s up the hotness and sizzle factor for February shall we .. ? 😉 Here are our 5 hot fitness tips for a stunning body.. […]

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15 Ways to Slow Down Aging

Why do some folks look so young for their age, while others wear the ravages of time less gracefully? Oh… who on earth wants to be described as having a decrepit body, sunken eyes, a withered countenance, and tottering gait.. not me! Some of it is genetic, that’s true, but have you ever looked in the […]

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7 Tips for Barefoot Running on the Beach

Some people say that beach running and especially barefoot running on the beach, is bad for you. I have had folks tell me that they get blisters on their feet from running barefoot on the beach, and all sorts of ankle and knee aches. Well, I actually find barefoot running on the beach pretty convenient – you don’t […]

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10 tips on how to Reduce Stretch Marks

The dreaded stretch marks.. Well, it is true that stretch marks, and if you have them or not, is dependent hugely on genetics. I have friends who have stretch marks just from that spurt of growth at puberty, and I have friends who don’t have a single stretch mark, even after pregnancy. It’s all in […]

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8 Skin Care Tips for Combination Skin

Having lived with combination skin all my life, it’s been challenging finding the right skin care. When you travel a lot, dehydration of the skin can certainly take its toll. Here are my 8 skin care tips, for Combination Skin: 1. Find the Balance Since there is an oily T zone for combination skin, striking […]

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10 Tips on How I Avoid Running Injuries

I do love running! It gives me such a sense of freedom and I get really high after the run. Blame it on the endorphines. Well, running does come with some setbacks too, especially if you get injured. Here are my tips on how not to get injured and to maximised your efficiency on the […]

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