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7 Day HIIT Challenge!

Complete this workout everyday for 7 days for amazing results!

It’s basically divided into 3 parts, Cardio-HIIT-Cool Down. Super effective in flaying fat from the body and toning up all the flabby bits!

Part 1

Warm Up: 10 minutes of easy cardio and stretching. Followed by cardio

Day 1 : Cardio – 40 minute-1hour run, at pace 6:30 (7KM) – finishing at pace 5:30 (3KM)

Day 2 : Cardio – Swim for 40 minutes

Day 3 : Cardio – Jump rope for 40 minutes

Day 4 : Repeat Day 1

Day 5 : Repeat Day 2

Day 6 : Repeat Day 3

Day 7 : Gym Rowing for 20 minutes , Bike 20 minutes


Part 2

HIIT Workout: Five rounds of 3-minute exercise intervals.
See video – this is a condensed version, you need to do at lead 3 minutes of this set, and repeat it 5 times.

Part 3

Cool Down: 5 minutes of easy cardio and stretching.

HIIT Workout Instructions
Perform each of these bodyweight exercises for 30 seconds at 80- to 90-percent effort. Recover for 15 seconds and then repeat the circuit four times.

Jump Up stairs (2 at a time for added difficulty)
Sprints Touch the Floor
Core workout – Side Twist with leg raise
Kick backs – glutes
Mountain climbers


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