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How to Travel Pregnant and Stay Healthy: 5 Essential Tips

Looking after your health is a top priority when you’re pregnant, and there are extra considerations to be made when you travel. Take these essential tips into account and you’ll be enjoying a worry-free holiday in no time. Learn everything you need to know about vaccinations While inactivated vaccinations are safe for pregnant women, live […]

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5 Top Tips on Traveling with a baby

Traveling with a 1 year old can be challenging. We used to think that traveling with a 6 month old was tough, but wait till they start running around and know what it is to feel bored or trapped when belted down at take off. Wow, then things really get interesting! With a bit of planning […]

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Of Thieves and Lavender Dreams..

This month has been hectic with travels, and next month will be no different! We have Mauritius on the cards and possibly Reunion Island as well. Work (i.e. travel blogging) is just not slowing time anytime soon. Good and Bad. Good because it’s always fun to travel and get paid for it. Bad because, our […]

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Travel, Health & Sex

How many of us actually pay attention to our sexual health, when traveling on holiday, or traveling long term? And if you are the sort who travels frequently due to work, doesn’t the occasional indulgence kick in?  Whether it is the unattached professional, or the traveler seeking adventure and new kicks, or the backpacker looking […]

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Active holidays with a difference in Austria

While everyone talks about ski holidays in Austria, people tend to forget the potential for other healthy activities in the alpine land of Mozart and everyone’s favourite all-singing Teutonic family, the Von Trapps. The hills may indeed be alive with the sound of music, but they are also alive with mountain bikers, Nordic walkers and cross country […]

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Getting Over Jetlag

Is it really that hard getting over Jetlag?  I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Jetlag, I am the opposite of most people. I hear it’s worse for some going East – as you’re waking up late, and seem to be late for everything, than it is going West – where you’re […]

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