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How to Travel Pregnant and Stay Healthy: 5 Essential Tips

Looking after your health is a top priority when you’re pregnant, and there are extra considerations to be made when you travel. Take these essential tips into account and you’ll be enjoying a worry-free holiday in no time.

  1. Learn everything you need to know about vaccinations

While inactivated vaccinations are safe for pregnant women, live ones (which contain a small amount of the live virus or disease) are not recommended in case the bacteria harms the unborn baby.

If you do need to travel somewhere where vaccinations are required, the NHS recommends getting them done, noting the risk of catching a disease outweighs the risk posed by the jab. Visit the NHS website for more pregnancy tips and always consult your doctor for advice before travelling.

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  1. Position your seatbelt under your bump, not across it

Wearing the strap across your stomach can create too much pressure and cause problems with the placenta, which can be harmful to you and the baby. Instead, place it underneath your bump so it rests on your hip bones.

  1. Stretch regularly

No matter how you’re travelling, take some time every 30 minutes or so to stretch your legs, ankles and feet. You can also wear compression socks to reduce swelling, and it’s worth investing in a loose pair of shoes so your feet remain comfortable while you’re travelling.

Remember: Taking these steps is especially important if you’re taking a flight because there’s a higher risk of developing blood clots. For more tips on travelling by plane while pregnant, check out Holidaysafe’s handy guide.

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  1. Bring water and snacks with you

Staying hydrated is important and you’ll probably find you’re drinking more water during pregnancy. It renews amniotic fluid and helps with the production of breast milk, plus it has all the usual health benefits, such as increasing concentration and energy levels. Pack a refillable bottle in your bag and top it up at regular intervals to keep your hydration levels consistent.

And don’t forget about food! The Huffington Post suggests carrying healthy snacks such as wholegrain granola bars, raisins, and pre-cut vegetables like carrots with you in case you get peckish (click here for a list of some top pregnant travel tips). Pots of fresh and dried fruit are also nutritious and will give you a welcome energy boost.

  1. Get plenty of rest

Above all, you should listen to your body, and take a break whenever you need to.


Author Bio: Isabelle Booth is teacher, mum and traveller from Durham UK.




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