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How to Travel Pregnant and Stay Healthy: 5 Essential Tips

Looking after your health is a top priority when you’re pregnant, and there are extra considerations to be made when you travel. Take these essential tips into account and you’ll be enjoying a worry-free holiday in no time. Learn everything you need to know about vaccinations While inactivated vaccinations are safe for pregnant women, live […]

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Composure in a time of Thyroid upheaval

Today’s Guestpost comes from my buddy Naomi… she is one tough cookie, and we can learn a thing or two, from this resilient woman!  A bad case of the flu, a swollen protruding neck & an ultrasound later, it was determined that I had a tumor on my thyroid gland and it was 6 x […]

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Algrave - Photo Credit : YXO

Getting fit in Algrave

Europe isn’t short of fantastic holiday destinations, but for those after some sunshine and escapism, Portugal’s Algarve takes some beating. This is the country’s premier holiday destination and it isn’t hard to see why. It boasts some outstanding beaches and picturesque towns, and there is plenty to keep people entertained. Whether consumers book package holidays […]

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Cikipedia’s Guestpost on Downtown Traveler

Hi awesome readers of Cikipedia! We were just featured on Downtown Traveler, a US based, online magazine for urban travelers who crave arts, culture and adventure.. and our guestpost was on Travel Health: 10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Fit While Traveling. We are happy for the opportunity to share some Cikipedia philosophy and to spread the fitness […]

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Beast of a Yeast

The humble beer yeast or brewer’s yeast has a mighty promise – of health, youth and beauty. Yes indeed, the brewer’s yeast formed of unicellular and microscopic fungi from the Saccharomyces cerevisae and Saccharomyces carriergensis strains was lauded centuries ago by Hipócrates for its medicinal value and widely consumed by the ancient Egyptians. It was […]

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Lose Fat with the Mediterranean Diet , Part 2 – Liquid Gold

THE Spanish call it el oro líquido (liquid gold), and it’s no wonder. The olive tree, that symbol of peace and wisdom, contributes so much to the robust and ruddy health of those who use its oil regularly. For her 51st wedding anniversary, mum-in-law was especially pleased to receive a bottle of Tuccioliva Matilda 0.7 […]

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