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How To Burn Calories, on your travels, without leaving your hotel room

Traveling again, and forgot your running shoes? No matter. You can still burn calories without leaving your hotel room. Here’s how to get in a quick work out and you can do these exercises barefooted as well.

Scissor Lunges: 30 Calories per Minute

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Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands clasped behind your head. Lunge forward with your left foot and lower yourself until your right knee almost touches the floor.Explosively push up and scissor your legs in midair, landing with your right leg forward. When you land, drop down, explode up, and scissor again. That’s one rep. Do 20 and tell me your chest does not feel like bursting!

For added difficulty – Land as lightly and quietly as possible !

High Knee Raises: 15 Calories per Minute

After some quick stretching and warm up, put on some cardio thumping music and begin. As fast as you can, start running on the spot but bring your knees as high as possible – up to your chest level if possible, as fast as possible. Stay light on your toes – don’t crash down on your heels. To burn a few more calories, go even faster.

Push-ups for 60 seconds : 15 Calories per Minute

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This is harder than it sounds as you are going for muscle failure. Straight from your high-knee-raise warm-ups, get to the ground and start your push-ups. If you cannot do a full push up, you can put your hands on the bed, so that your body is at a 45 degree angle – this makes it easier. If you want to increase intensity, change positions with our legs on the bed, and hands on the floor.

Burpees: 30 Calories per Minute

If you don’t know what a burpee is, let me introduce you to a whole new world Pain that will send your heart rate through the roof and burn calories! Burpees are difficult to explain through words alone but they’re a combination of a squat, push up, and jumping jack all in one motion. Check this out.

Decline Russian Twists: 15 Calories per Minute

Because Russian twists involve fast movements, they also burn out excess fat surrounding your core muscles. Raise your legs on the bed, so that your body 45 degrees (L Shaped) with your head on the floor. Grab your backpack for added intensity. Hold your bag (or you can find a heavy book or even bottle of water) weights in front of your chest, and do a sit up, but as you come up, slowly rotate from the left to the right. For added intensity, do it faster, with 20-30 Twists, and try increasing weights for more effective results.

Congratulations, you have burned calories for the day, and you have not even left your hotel room yet!

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