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5 Great Sources of Iron for Women

Did you know that iron is a trace mineral (a micronutrient), and its deficiency causes fatigue and tiredness in the gym? If you find you lack energy to lift weights or to sustain cardio till the end of the class, then it could well be iron deficiency. Muscle soreness and post workout fatigue are also […]

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Smoked Fish.. Good or Bad?

Ooo.. Chunks of delicious smoked haddock and herring… fat slivers of smoked Salmon. All rich in Omega3, yes. But, is the smoked component in these cold water fish, good or bad for me? Everybody knows that fatty fish from cold waters, are rich in omega3 and good for the heart.. but what if it arrives […]

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Why do Pull-ups ?

Pull-ups are the ultimate test of whether you are a fit, balanced, all rounder. You see, this exercise only relies on bodyweight and therefore does not need special equipment nor machines for you to do them. You just need a steady grip on a over head bar, or even a branch in the park, so […]

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Batty over the Bosu Ball

Some people are born sure-footed. Not me. I’m actually a little clumsy. I found that by working out with the BOSU ball, I’ve increased my ability to be more sure footed, not only that, but to also increase the difficulty of certain exercises that I normally do, and in the process strengthen my core. Single […]

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Healthy Options in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is well known for roulette and blackjack, at the end of the day some of us want to take some time to ourselves and relax, get pampered, or even have a good workout to burn off some of the adult beverages we indulged in earlier. If you are looking for other activities […]

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Natural Remedy for Liver Detox

How do you know, that your body needs a Liver Detox..?  In this busy day and age, stress is a common denominator in everybody’s lives. We all have it. Some to a greater extent than others. And stress, is the precursor of all sorts of harmful physiological changes that can exert its effects on the […]

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Meditation.. for health and well being

“THERE’S a whole lot of craziness out there, and I’m just sitting here. Calm.” Does that mean this man facing awful hurdles in life is apathetic? No. He’s simply in a state of equanimity which is this deep calmness you get when faced with truly difficult situations. He meditates, and so does Dirty Harry actor […]

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