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Batty over the Bosu Ball

Some people are born sure-footed. Not me. I’m actually a little clumsy.

I found that by working out with the BOSU ball, I’ve increased my ability to be more sure footed, not only that, but to also increase the difficulty of certain exercises that I normally do, and in the process strengthen my core.


Single leg plank

The BOSU ball is a half-circle inflatable exercise ball, attached to a rigid platform. It basically looks like a regular swiss exercise ball cut in half. It can be used either ball side up or platform side up. If you do it platform up, obviously the exercises get more difficult due to the decrease stability. When the dome side faces up, the BOSU ball provides an unstable surface while it remains stable on the ground. This position is easier.



With the dome side facing down, and the platform up, the Bosu ball is highly unstable and well suited for a wide array of exercises. Many people use the ball in this position to train shoulder stability with various push-up type movements.


starfish side plank


I like to use the platform side up (less stable) for upper body exercises, like push-ups, star pose, or more core moves, like planks. The possibilities are endless. Some ideas include:


Step up, lunges, hop on and off, jump from side to side- these are all cardio intensive moves – think step aerobics , but on a unsteady surface.

Strength training

Add a new dimension and intensity to your squats, lunges, deadlifts, and push-ups. You can use the BOSU to increase the balance challenge during traditional weights work.


push ups 



The boss is great for back stretches (stomach on the BOSU) and side stretches too.

Hand Eye Coordination and Plyometric

Use it to perform sports drills, like jumping or plyometric moves, to increase performance and agility. You can even throw in juggling to increase difficulty ..  really need to concentrate to stay centered!



Core Muscle Training

Use it for abdominal and lower back exercises to target the core muscles.


starfish side plank – reverse bosu

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