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Winner for the Cikipedia PJ Hilton Staycation!

PJ hiltonAnd the WINNER IS …




A rather cool winning entry we thought.. and I do fancy myself a bit of Fitness Whisperer.. LOL, thanks for putting it so aptly 😉

“You’re the Fitness Whisperer
The “wikipedia” on fitness and health
Sharing your secrets unselfishly
Your tips so easy to digest
Removing the boring from health
You inject exercise with life
Full of vigor 
You inspire and whip me into shape
Fueling desires to burn off my excess!”

Congrats Lilian! We will be in touch via FB to mail you your winning stay at the Hilton PJ! (Term & Conditions Apply, please check back of the voucher)

You can rest your weary, worked out limbs, on THIS! LOL


To everybody else and fans of Cikipedia, thanks for playing! Keep up the fitness MOJO.. and stay tuned for more great prizes on Cikipedia!

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2 Responses to Winner for the Cikipedia PJ Hilton Staycation!

  1. Lilian April 8, 2013 at 6:02 am #

    OMGGGGGG!! Yay! Thanks so much Cikipedia, you’ve certainly brightened my Monday! And yes, I’m certainly looking forward to resting my weary limbs on that luxurious looking bed 🙂

    • ciki April 8, 2013 at 10:16 am #

      Congrats! We will be in touch!

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