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One Month Challenge

For this month, let’s focus on something that’s not too difficult to accomplish.. it is called, the One Month Challenge. These healthy challenges for the month, should keep you ladies focus on the right things.. and rev up your metabolism at the same time. It will probably help you distress and sleep better too! Done […]

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Puerto Vallarta - Photo Credit: Harvey Barrison

How to find the perfect fitness retreat in Mexico

Mexico means many things to the imminent traveller, be it all inclusive cruise deals, tropical coastline, cactus-strewn plains, or the smell of chilli and lime cooking in urban city streets. But beneath its colourful image, Mexico is an immensely spiritual country, and not just because of its ancient monuments and beautiful colonial churches. An increasing number of […]

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Why do Pull-ups ?

Pull-ups are the ultimate test of whether you are a fit, balanced, all rounder. You see, this exercise only relies on bodyweight and therefore does not need special equipment nor machines for you to do them. You just need a steady grip on a over head bar, or even a branch in the park, so […]

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Batty over the Bosu Ball

Some people are born sure-footed. Not me. I’m actually a little clumsy. I found that by working out with the BOSU ball, I’ve increased my ability to be more sure footed, not only that, but to also increase the difficulty of certain exercises that I normally do, and in the process strengthen my core. Single […]

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Getting Over Jetlag

Is it really that hard getting over Jetlag?  I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Jetlag, I am the opposite of most people. I hear it’s worse for some going East – as you’re waking up late, and seem to be late for everything, than it is going West – where you’re […]

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10 Great Fitness Gifts for Christmas

Here’s a great tip for the Holiday Season.. 10 Great Fitness Gifts for Christmas! Wondering what you get your loved one for Chirstmas? How about a fitness tool that comes wrapped up nicely in a box, so that you guys can both hit the new year running… Here are 10 great ideas for Fitness Gifts […]

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