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10 Great Fitness Gifts for Christmas

Here’s a great tip for the Holiday Season.. 10 Great Fitness Gifts for Christmas!

Wondering what you get your loved one for Chirstmas?
How about a fitness tool that comes wrapped up nicely in a box, so that you guys can both hit the new year running…

Christmas Fitness presents

Here are 10 great ideas for Fitness Gifts for this Christmas:

1. Abs Roller

Watching TV? Might as well roll your way to fitness – strengthen you core by doing repetitions while you’re not doing anything better.

2. The Exercise Ball

We have one at home, and this is great for sit ups and push ups. It strengthens the core and helps with balance. It’s a great compact gift as you only need to blow it up at home, once your loved one has unwrapped it! That’s part of the lung capacity exercise too!

3. The Yoga Mat

If you hate grubby gym mats like I do, buy your loved one their own personal mat. This a the coolest gift for a chick I tell ya. Bring your own, is what I always say;)

4. Cycling Shorts

I need these! Ever got a sore ass from riding outdoors or in the gym (RPM classes)? Well, you need these padded shorts ASAP. The perfect gift for me.. if anyone is reading this, I am a size S!

5. Resistance Bands

This is a great way to build toned muscles. Unlike weights, they won’t clutter up your home and there is much less danger of injury from dropping them. Again there can be pack away nicely into a compact gift.. I like!

6. TRX Suspension Trainer

A strong body has a strong core. Cannot mention enough time how great the TRX is. You can hook it up easily enough at home, if you do not want to go to the gym. Most kits come with instructions on how to do this.

7. Heart Rate Monitor

This helps you map your fitness and keep track of your progress. Allows you to push yourself that bit harder if you need to.

8. Kettle Bells

Kettle bells builds muscle strength , strengthens the core and offers a great variety of exercises required to improve at many exercises and sports.

9. Skip Rope

Kids do it – you should too. Great cardio workout with just a skip rope – try it!

10. A Juicer

Finally, this gift tells your loved one that your health on the inside matters as much as your health on the Outside! Getting a juicer means endless moments in the kitchen making health drinks together. Now isn’t that lovely!






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