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Instagram – 3 Ways to Avoid The Comparison Trap

Pictures, Videos more Pictures.. more Videos.

Everywhere we look these days we get a massive influx of information.. sometimes too much to even process. We sit down to do some paperwork and tackle our “TO DO” list, but inevitably find ourselves drawn to the glossy 4X4 grids of Instagram that feed us with image after image of folks living a semi charmed life… the dream family, dream body, dream holiday etc..

Thanks to social media we follow and ‘LIKE’ the things that suit our interests. And thus it is hard to not compare ourselves with the so called “better” versions of ourselves doing the “more incredible” activities of our dreams. You can’t help but notice what’s going on in other people’s backyards, simply because they are sharing it 3X daily, 24/7.

But ironically, life is NOT as perfect as it looks, in those 4 X 4’s.

I was telling a friend how I’ve followed famous online blogs (and then subsequently on social media) through marriage, multiple kids, and then divorce and heartache. What was once the ideal life, is in reality no more. It’s really incredible how things change over time and how ‘idols’ also fall from grace or disappear into oblivion.

I mean, everyone has their own race to run. So, today, I want to talk about how everyone has a greater calling. And that figuring it out is by no means easy. However, once you do, things will start to shift and slide into place. Getting around that feeling of inferiority is one big step towards fulfilling your destiny and finding purpose in life.

Here are 3 Ways to Avoid falling into the Comparison Trap in this Social Media driven day and age. 

1. Eyes on the Prize  

If you’re training for something, or you have a goal to achieve, keep your eyes on the end point. Stop looking around at the people whom you think might have it, or whom you think you might want to be. Focus on the task at hand, plan, list down objectives for yourself, and get to where you want to be, by simple goal setting. So set your focus on the prize, and not the people whom you think have got it. Another way to put it is, eyes on your own test paper. Remember how we were told to go into the exam and only look at our own test sheet. No distractions and no cheating. This is it! Keep your eyes on the prize and plow on ahead!


2. Stay True to your Cause

Stay connected to your purpose and don’t change lanes. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Do what you’re great at – not what you think you might be great at. Remember, Jack of all trades, master of none. Don’t be that person who gets sidetracked thinking taking on a different route might get you bigger returns, when you see someone else’s success. Be true to yourself and stay on course. Surround yourself with friends and people who will champion your cause and support you emotionally when you feel drained. No man is an island. Sometimes you need a wake up call, to stay on your own lane. Good friends will do this be it a kind word or a kick in the butt!


3. Run Your Own Race

No body can run the race of life, except yourself. One time I tried to run a marathon keeping up with someone’s faster pace and I hit the wall at 33KM.. it was a painful experience but a reminder that everyone can only run their own race. But you know what, even-though I faced disappointment, I keep going back to run more marathons. Simply because.. I LOVE it! So you can only finish something, and finish it well if you truly LOVE what you are doing.  If you try to work a job you hate, you will find yourself hitting the wall time and time again. Finding the job that resonates with you, is everything. When passion meets calling, that’s when things will explode to new heights of achievement. If you’re facing obstacles and life is throwing you a curve ball right now, don’t forget to breathe, focus and keep running the race. Embrace it, and keep going, only you know how to finish this race. So make sure you do it, your way and that you are still running the race that you love.




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