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Good Hair Days, are Here to Stay!

I usually return from my travels with hair that’s in extremely bad shape.

Dry, split, discolored. You name it.

It might be the weather, the water, or maybe just my lack of time to do anything for myself since I also travel with a young family in tow. So yeah, hair is the last thing on my mind.

And when I get home, my hair stylist always complains that I do too little to keep my hair healthy. But while you don’t have time to set and curl, here are some hair accessories that can help dress the hair up a bit, while keeping it tame and presentable looking :

Travel sized brush and comb
Heated Hair Thong
Bobby Pins
Hair Ties
Hair Bun
Hair scarf
Mirah Lustrous Hair oil

And I want to talk about the last item. While the first few are purely cosmetic, the last one treats your hair, inside out. With minimum effort now, you can have great hair.

I just started using Mirah with good results – a chemical free, plant-based oil, it smooths frizzy dry hair and makes it silky, shiny, and smooth. It’s got Argan, Abyssinian, and Monoi oils that help keep wild hair at bay. Smells yum too. The benefits come from keeping your hair hydrated thanks to the fatty acids and vitamin E. So it’s not just cosmetics, your hair is getting the nourishment it needs, inside out. I also drink a lot of water on holidays and try to protect my hair for sea water and the sun as best I can.

So now I can look my hair stylist guy in the eye and say, look.. good hair day!


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