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Sick of your Conventional Gym? Try Crazy Monkey!

Sick of your Conventional Gym? Maybe it’s time to check out the Crazy Monkey Defense Programme..


Know what’s an awesome piece of workout equipment? Monkey bars. But will you ever find them in the gym?

Err, yes, but not in a typical gym.


More and more, what I like to call “warehouse gyms” are popping up. The exercise equipment includes TRX, kettlebells, monkey bars, ladders, ropes, sleds, a track, etc. Group exercise classes are filled with real life people training to get fitter.. and not just about looking beautiful or fitting into a tight dress or pants! They are a fun, less orthodox way to work out. You can spar with a mate, and have a great time doing it. It’s practical and unregimented but it challenges your reflex movements, agility, a bit of strength and hand eye coordination as well. It teaches you how to fall or to take a blow, in the correct manner. After all, isn’t that what life is about – learning to take a couple of knocks and then standing up again?


kettlebells – open mat is when you can go and train on Saturdays at Crazy Monkey 


and not just great for the boys, but the GIRLS too! 

Crazy Monkey1

Well, the good news is that , if you ever find yourself stuck doing the same routine at the gym, these places are an excellent way to mix it up. The different equipment will have you working muscles you didn’t know existed. Challenge yourself at a warehouse gym at least once a week. A good place that offers some mixed martial arts is a place called Crazy Monkey Defense Malaysia (CMD Malaysia). You’ll learn new exercise moves, use different pieces of workout equipment, and keep your body guessing.


sparring and practicing for Jiu Jitsu

The idea of CMD is to provide functional martial arts training that brings out the best in you. You can sweat, spar and face some of your fears while you’re learning how to tumble and take a knock on the mat. You can learn together with peers who are at the same level of fitness and have fun through boxing, Monkey Jits, workouts and kettlebells. The founder of CMD is a guy called Rodney King and the CMD Malaysia Representative is my friend Vince Choo.


 Vince Choo – hates the treadmill and would opt for martial arts any day! 

According to Vince, the programme prepares you for full contact living. The program is also for the everyday person who wants to get a total workout in a non-competitive, supportive environment. You will learn boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, self defense skills, how to stay calm under pressure, how to use the strategies and concepts you use on the mats in real life for better relationships and life performance. Which means that you can go as hard as you like, or as easy as you like. There are different levels of expertise, and the instructors recommend that you go in a for a chat first, so that they can gauge your fitness level. Also, the last Saturday of every month, there is a free trial class at 2pm. Swing by (address below) to see just how fun it can be.. You might just love it and be hooked for life!

Crazy Monkey

practicing how to grapple and pin your opponent down at Jiu Jitsu

Apart from that, this is also a place to learn total mind and body fitness via the FizFit bodyweight conditioning program (for strength, endurance and cardio), kettlebells workouts (for a more technical and challenging workout), and if you enjoy martial arts, check out the Crazy Monkey Defense program – a fun, supportive training community, that will help boost your physical and mental strength and you will also learn functional skills in boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Self Preservation skills while you’re at it.


sunny, spacious and safe environment to work out 

Check out their schedule here. Some simple F&Q’s here.

Crazy Monkey,
9 Jalan Riong, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Closed until Monday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Phone +603-2201 7556
Email [email protected]



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