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One Month Challenge

For this month, let’s focus on something that’s not too difficult to accomplish.. it is called, the One Month Challenge.

These healthy challenges for the month, should keep you ladies focus on the right things.. and rev up your metabolism at the same time. It will probably help you distress and sleep better too! Done correctly it should spur you on the a healthier way of life, and cleaner living. Here they are..


Before the next 30 days are up… you should try ..

1. Taking a Yoga Class

2. Not eating Burgers for One Week

3. Doing 10 Chin Ups (For girls, if you’re a guy, then 30 chin ups)

4. Running 3X this week

5. Doing the 2 minute Wall Squat , everyday for a week

6. Doing 10 full push ups a day, for 7 days

7. Eating any of the following 5 super foods daily – broccoli, flaxseeds, yoghurt, wild salmon, spinach, quinoa, kale, tomatoes, chiaseeds, oranges, beetroot, apples, carrots

8. Not eating ice-cream for 1 month

9. Raising money for charity through a sport

10. Lifting weights 4X a week for 4 weeks

11. Not drinking beer/booze for a week

12. Meditating daily for 7 days



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