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Review – Adidas Ultraboost X

Since my Pureboost X review last year was one of the most frequently searched posts on this blog, I figured I should at least review, the Ultraboost X!


Featuring the same free-floating ‘dynamic arch’ as the PureBoost X, these running shoes are claimed to be for women because they follow a woman’s curves and foot arch – they adapt to the movements made throughout your foot strike. Made for a neutral runner, this means that it should be suitable for most runners.


What I like

1. They are incredibly fashionable. You don’t feel like you’re wearing running shoes if you go out in them. They are super cool and gorgeous on any woman’s feet.

2. A more adaptive fit and makes the shoe feel more like a sock than a traditional trainer.


3. The sole feels like it has maximum grip and protection on the road, even on wet days. The sole’s web pattern also allows adaptation depending on your foot strike. The mid-sole is made from their bouncy, ‘Boost’ technology to provides a responsive, shock absorbing, springy ride.

4. Tough shoe – if you are training for a marathon these shoes will get you through all your long runs (LSD). You might not like them so much for your sprints though as they are slightly heavier than many lighter running shoes out there.


5. Comfort – thank God a great improvement over the PureBoost X – the back is lower and softer.. say bye-bye back heel blisters!


6. The energy-returning boost technology again – delivers responsive underfoot cushioning. So when you’re pushing off, going uphill, all the energy is transferred efficiently to your foot and the motion is ooo-la-la– easy;)

What I don’t like

1. Not light enough – this is just a matter of preference. I’m a more minimal runner so I like my shoes “second skin”. It might not make a difference at 10KM or 20KM but when you hit 35KM and up, trust me, you will feel even a fractional difference in weight. It’s also at those kilometers thereabouts, that you separate the boys from the men, the girls from the women, the wheat form the chaff. That’s why running a marathon is so bloody awesome. It’s challenging for EVERYBODY, no holds barred.

2. Too bouncy – again a matter of preference. Some folks like their cars with softer suspension, some like it hard. I like mine less bouncy generally.


3. Small and narrow – make sure you go up 1 size or 1 1/2 if you have wider feet. Some girls (yes even girls) have wide feet, and this subset of runners, will find this shoe uncomfortable. I suspect my 11 month old Luca, will grow up to be of this minority and subset of massive, wide footed women. She has massive feet, even now (haha).


Guess my legs? hahaha

Generally a huge improvement over the Pureboost X and it would be possible to run a marathon in these. But train well and build up distance gradually. Let your foot get used to the shoe.

I have no qualms about wearing them for Bootcamp, 10KM sprints, 21KM tempo run, the gym. I would put them through the 30KM and 40KM motions, but building up mileage nice and slow, over time. I have yet to test the extent of mileage with my Ultraboost X’s.. don’t worry, it’s coming soon. For now, they are definitely the “flavor of the month” and I wear them, everywhere.




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