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7 Tips for Feeding Picky Toddlers

So, the most important thing for parents to realise is that as with everything else, picky eating is just a passing phase.

Some phases go on for longer than other, so to that I say, stay cool – stay relaxed.. and find that happy place.

It takes a lot of self-control to not smack the lil monster when she’s spitting out food you so carefully prepared.

But honestly, here are some ways, to feed picky eaters, or at least to keep some sanity in the midst of flying food.


1.Don’t Give Up 

I read an article saying, to just feed what the kid wants, and then stop when they start spitting up their food. If I did that, my baby would starve and be miserable. What ridiculous advice.

I think don’t give up too easily, is better advice. One day, they will eat properly, but till then, mix it up and keep it exciting, and don’t take no for an answer especially if it’s just 5 min into the meal, and they have not had anything to eat for the past 4 hours. Take her to the balcony or garden for 2 minutes.. then return to the table. Sometimes breaking up the activity helps.


2. Involve your toddler in the meal preparation

She might make a mess, but she’s more likely to eat it. Get her to do stuff like whisking, mashing, seasoning and garnishing.. stuff that won’t require sharp tools or that might make her lose a finger, obviously.

3. Modify recipes

My daughter doesn’t like sweet food. She’s totally into the savory. She also doesn’t like too strong-tasting food. We test foods one at a time. Offer new foods as miniature versions. Add naturally sweet foods like mangos, kiwi or dragonfruit and limit spicy flavors.

4. No Grazing

Luca doesn’t snack. She has meals or milk, that’s it. Hungry kids are much more experimental than satiated children.

5. Eat Food as separate components

Our toddler doesn’t like mixed up food. One mouthful of rice, followed by broccoli then tofu. They can’t be mixed into the rice, or she’ll spit it out. But you need to find out what works for your baby, of course.

6. Reintroduce foods they dislike often

Keep in mind that children’s taste buds and food preferences fluctuate as they age.

7. Keep cool  

Don’t lose your cool (easier said than done!) and walk away if you get annoyed. That way feeding time won’t be associated with an epic battle, and you maintain some sanity.. till the next feeding session!

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