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Recipe – Fish, Pumpkin, Spinach Porridge

Luca is nearly 11 months old. She has got almost 8 teeth now and is growing fast.

Help! My baby is becoming a toddler fast before my very eyes!

Her appetite is also growing and after testing her out on vegetable porridge for a few weeks, we are now transitioning to protein based porridge starting with the safer meats.. such as fish.

The best fish to use are (easier to prep as less small fine bones):

Ikan Bawal Selatan – Silver Pomfret/Pak Chong Yee [Chinese]
Ikan Kurau – Treadfin/Tai Mah Yau Yee [Chinese]
Ikan Merah : Red Snapper. Hoong Yee [Chinese]


Or Salmon, is really awesome too but get the fillet without the bones. Because the baby can’t tell you if they happen to be choking on something sharp. Anyway I like to rotate between the lot. I’m not so keen on chicken yet thanks to the rampant use of antibiotics.. will probably try free range chicken but at a later date. I like to use spinach too because it adds iron to the diet.


Anyway here’s my recipe

You will need :

500gm of fish fillet

two big cups of rice (around 500ml)  – For porridge it’s 3X the water to the amount of rice you use

pumpkin 300gm

baby spinach 150gm, or to taste – if u like it less green tasting use less

anchovies one handful, or to taste

Method :

1. Make the Stock (no salt added)

2. Skin and debone fish. Fillet it. Wash and soak the ikan bilis (anchovies). Bring to boil water and put in the fish bones (big bones), fish fillet as well as ikan bilis.

3. After 5 minutes remove fish fillet (it cooks fast). Continue to boil stock for 30 min. Sieve out bones and ikan bilis. Leave stock aside.

4. Mash up the fish fillet with a fork and leave on the side.

5. Dice pumpkin, baby spinach into even bits.

6. Bring the stock to boil. Put in your rice, and vegetables and bring to boil.

7. Once it thickens dump in the shredded fish and fold into the porridge. Only once the porridge is done do you add the fish so it retains its sweetness and doesn’t become rough and dry.

8. Add a tablespoonful of extra virgin organic coconut oil to your porridge once the fire is off and fold in again



Cool then serve. The rest can be frozen for future meals in the week, since at this age their stomach is still pretty small and they eat so little, I like to make a batch to last a couple of days. This recipe serves 10 big bowls of porridge.


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