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Eating Clean on Holiday

Eating clean while on holiday is tough, but if you want to have less tears post holiday (when you try to put on your skinny jeans, or step on the scales), then eating clean is paramount.


Even if you cannot eat clean every single meal, the best way is to start off each morning right, so your blood glucose does not peak and trough, sending you into a binge frenzy. Rather eat right and give your body nutrient dense foods, so it can sustain you till lunch time.

Here’s what I ate in the Maldives every morning, before hitting the ocean for a swim. Quinoa, chia seeds, amaranth, flaxseeds, blueberries and poached rhubarb.. so delicious and so good for the body!

So, with a little bit of planning, your holiday need not set you back by your weight nor fitness goals.. not one bit!

Happy training all! 🙂




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