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How to Work Out on Island Holidays

The Maldives is super small. Some Atoll’s are so tiny you will find yourself running around in circles.


So a good way to overcome this un-inertia is to kick start your holiday with yoga – a lot of resorts offer this, followed by interval sprints across the island, a swim and finally hit the gym for some weights training.


60 minute Ashtanga Yoga for intermediates

5 X 800m dash across the island and back


5KM swim (but you need to be a strong swimmer for this)

Finally 3 X 20 reps for shoulders, chest and back ( lunges, squats on alternate days)

Trust me, by the end of the day, you will be smashed 😉

That way, your bikini body is always ready too, should anybody point a camera your way. Just saying.

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