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Fat-Busting Superfoods!

They’re renowned for packing a nutrient punch, but superfoods can also help you in your weight-loss goals. Here are some you should snack on when you want to shed pounds.

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Did you know that these berries can eliminate fat cells while preventing the creation of new ones? This is thanks to their polyphenols. Blueberries also contain fibre and Vitamin C, both of which help to keep you trim. Sprinkle them on your yogurt for a tasty indulgence.


This seed is packed with protein that can keep hunger at bay. It contains approximately seven grams of protein in every serving, helping you feel fuller for longer. A bonus for Celiac disease sufferers: it’s gluten-free.


Fatty fish such as salmon is a must to consume if you’re working out as it helps you build muscle, thanks to its omega-3s. Speaking of muscles, salmon also helps keep your heart healthy.

Steel-cut Oats

Oats are a powerful breakfast choice as they contain fibre to keep you feeling satisfied. However, steer clear of flavoured oats that contain sugar and choose steel-cut instead of rolled oats as these contain more fibre after processing.

Greek Yogurt

This snack is healthy and can keep the extra weight at bay. Low-fat Greek yogurt often contains higher quantities of protein than regular low-fat varieties, plus it boosts your calcium!

Coconut Oil

This oil keeps your blood sugar steady, which means you won’t be reaching for (unhealthy) snacks when that horrid weak feeling associated with low blood sugar strikes.


Not only does it contain more iron than beef, but kale is really low in calories. You can use kale to substitute calorie-rich foods, such as eating baked kale chips instead of potato chips.


It’s considered a forbidden indulgence, but cocoa can actually help you lose weight. Research by the Virgin Polytechnic Institute found that compounds known as oligomeric procyanidins (PCs) maintain healthy blood glucose levels, contributing to the prevention of weight gain.


Eggs contain protein and boost ‘good’ cholesterol. A study found that choosing eggs for breakfast can decrease your daily food intake by up to 415 calories because it prevents hunger.

Sweet Potato

They’re low in calories while being high in satisfying fibre, so make sure you eat these delicious superfoods. Tip: choose purple-skinned ones as their deep color is a sign they’re rich in antioxidants.

Olive Oil

Since it’s got healthy fats your body needs, olive oil can be a good substitute for other oils. In this way it can help you lower the amount of saturated fats and calories you consume.


You’ve heard that you need healthy metabolism to keep fat away, but it is linked to low inflammation in the body. That’s where avocados come in. Loaded with phytosterols, fats that beat inflammation, they will keep your metabolism in great shape. They’re also great for all kinds of skin!

Chia Seeds

These small seeds are dynamite! They contain many nutrients, such as calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and iron, while also helping you lose weight because they absorb sugar in the body.


Research has found that Vitamin-C packed foods such as cauliflower are vital to weight-loss when you hit the gym. Cauliflower also detoxes your body by stimulating liver enzymes.


Swig on green tea if you want to burn fat. It has antioxidants called catechins that, when combined with caffeine, help to boost your metabolism.


This vegetable is delicious and good for your waistline. Pumpkin is low in calories but high in fibre and minerals, such as potassium that keeps your blood pressure at a safe level.


Flax is another powerful seed to increase your weight loss. One teaspoon contains approximately 8 grams of fibre, which keeps you regular and prevents you from overeating.


All nuts are healthy for you, but when it comes to weight issues, walnuts are especially valued. They contain omega-3s, which scientists claim can boost blood circulation to muscles when you exercise. They can also activate enzymes that transport fat to where it is stored in the body for energy when you need it. These nuts have been shown to alleviate PMS symptoms too.


Dark, leafy vegetables such as spinach are low in calories but contain a lot of vitamins, so you get the most nutrient value from them without increasing your fat. Add some protein to your spinach-rich salads and you have the perfect low-fat meal that’s packed with energy.


Tackling fat with a combination of exercise and fat-burning superfoods will help you shed the pounds while being healthy.


About today’s Guest Writer:

Cassie Brewer is a journalist living in Southern California. She is passionate about helping others look and feel their best and finds that one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the foods that we eat.



2 Responses to Fat-Busting Superfoods!

  1. FATboybakes October 21, 2014 at 11:08 am #

    good lawd gal, can you please contextualize it to include some local stuff, virtually all the stuff you listed are blardy first world and expensive like hell, …if i could afford daily blueberries, i might as well hire a nutritionist, dietician and personal trainer….
    can menglembu peanuts replace walnuts? and salmon! kembung can or not?
    basically, you need to be rich to be fit…

    • ciki October 22, 2014 at 7:54 am #

      Hi FBB! Yes it is expensive business eating clean.. but it is even more expensive falling sick! LOL.

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