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Chromium & Exercise

One of the supplements that has garnered a lot of interest in the fitness and body building world, would be Chromium.

Because chromium supplements are purported to increase lean body mass (LBM) and decrease body fat during resistance training, it sounds like the prefect addition to one’s fitness regime. But does Chromium really do everything that the label claims, make it out to be?


Although several of the studies show that chromium supplementation positively affects gains achieved with resistance training, a grams per day of chromium (in the form of chromium picolinate) showed no significant benefit on body mass or body composition. Although some studies found that chromium supplements may help with weight loss, the benefit was negligible.
What are the issues raised by these studies and how are we to understand the contradictory results? After researchers reported the initial positive results, the press and supplement advertisers overstated the benefits of chromium supplementation, thereby creating unrealistic expectations.

Back in 1996, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ordered the maker of chromium picolinate supplements to stop making unsubstantiated claims of weight loss and health benefits. Despite the FTC’s intervention, sales of chromium supplements continue to grow.

Differences in experimental design explain many of these inconsistent results. In some studies the dosage may have been too low and the time period may have been too short to show any effect. One of the limitations of any chromium study is the inability to assess the initial status of the subjects.

The best advice for achieving a healthy, fit body? A varied diet, and regular exercise.. not reliance on supplements!

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