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Why I suck at Zumba

Why I suck at Zumba.. but still do it! The reasons why I suck at Zumba, are many. But they can be narrowed down to these basic three.¬† 1. I can’t do that hot Latina booty-shaking thing! But I am SURE it’s fun for people to watch me try ūüėõ¬†Zumba requires a lot of moving […]

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Skip the Boredom, thanks

So the other day we talked about muscle memory, and how to shake it. Here’s one great cardio workout to try and it ain’t easy as you really need to be coordinated to do this at high speed.   I’m talking about skipping, of course. Remember how you use to do it as a kid? […]

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6 Tests for Fitness

Do you ever wonder how all that gym time and working out, is actually working out for you? Do you worry that you might not be reaching the level of fitness you’ve been striving for, or that you’ve somehow hit a wall?¬†Whether you want to increase your energy, reduce your health risks, or lose some […]

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40 minute Sexy Butt Workout

A shapely bottom is a sight to behold. If you’ve ever heard of or tried your hand at the¬†Brazil Butt Lift,¬†then you will know what I am talking about. Usually it is only seen on a few super hot women you know, or read about in the magazines. Well not anymore! Are you ready to […]

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