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Top 8 Muscle Groups that Women Die for

After watching Taylor Kitsch as John Carter, in the IMax cinema last week, I swear I could almost touch his six pack. Well, sure any women would love a guy with chiseled Abs, but that’s not the only body part that gets them all hot and bothered in the cinema or on the beach or at the gym. Different women gravitate towards the different shapes of men.. and I am sure, you have your favourites, as do I;)

Today’s post is about the Top 8 Muscle Groups that Women Die for… BOYS! Are yours is shape?

Taylor Kitsch.. more famously known this year as John Carter

The Top 8 Muscle Groups that Women Die for are..

1. 6-Pack Abs
So you have fabulous arms and back muscles. But turn around and she sees the beginnings of a belly.. Oh, man, a real turn off. What starts as a small wobble will eventually be a round mass around the gut area in 10 years. Work on it now, we say. That 6-pack is within reach!

2. Strong Fore-Arms
Women see big strong arms, and they see someone who will protect them. Fend off a raging lion, build a house,  beat a mugger to a pulp.. but gentle enough in the bedroom to make them squirm with just one touch. So roll up those sleeves, and let ’em have a good look. If you have it, flaunt it!

3. A Nice Butt
Women like a man with a nice ass, because it belies his genetic make up. If you have good genes, you will have a great pert ass that rides high in your jeans. Otherwise, your rear end droops like a sack of old potatoes and she won’t want to mate with you!

4. A Broad Back

Liking a man with a broad back and a V-shaped torso is primordial. Since the time of the caveman, women have looked to their men, to protect them from raging beasts and sabre-tooth lions. A big broad back also means you can lift your woman up like a wench and haul her off to bed, over the shoulder.. caveman style!

5. Sculpted Shoulders
Strong shoulders literally sweep women off their feet. These go with a broad back like lock and key.

6. Rock-Hard Calves
A huge upper torso but spindly legs are a real put off! I personally like sports men, so well developed calves are a must! It indicates a strong heart that can pump and pump.. and I don’t mean just on the field. ahem.. !

7. A Big Chest
Women treasure your chest as much as you do theirs! Big is beautiful.. and Big and ripped is to die for!

8. Large Biceps
Again the arms. Big biceps equate to testosterone driven activities such as arm wrestling and boxing. The bigger the biceps the more worthy the man. Have you spotted your champion yet?

So, I am sure you’re dying to know.. of the “Top 8 Muscle Groups that Women Die for”, which is my favourite muscle group right? I like a big chest and broad back.. shameless but true! LOL

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