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Health Benefits of Celery Seed Oil

Entering life in the mid 40’s has been challenging. With a brand new toddler in tow, sometimes I feel like my internal organs are worse for wear and tear. I can’t seem to bounce back from tiredness as quickly as just a mere half decade ago, if you get what I’m saying. Also .. the […]

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How to Travel Pregnant and Stay Healthy: 5 Essential Tips

Looking after your health is a top priority when you’re pregnant, and there are extra considerations to be made when you travel. Take these essential tips into account and you’ll be enjoying a worry-free holiday in no time. Learn everything you need to know about vaccinations While inactivated vaccinations are safe for pregnant women, live […]

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White Angelica in troubled times

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens” Rumi February has been an extremely challenging and draining month. It ended with the passing away of a fit, strong athlete and friend, and not of her own doing. She fought to wake from her coma for 2.5 months after being hit by a car […]

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Palo Santo.. Sacred wood

I found a new love this February, and it’s called, Palo Santo! I’ve also been a bit of a cardio junkie, whose been trying to calm down and incorporate more yoga in her life with much success, but more about that in another post. Back to Palo Santo. It has got a sweet yet woody […]

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Favourite Abs Workout with Dumbells

And it goes.. something like this! Russian twists – 3×20 Take a pair of dumbbells (as heavy as you can go) in a double grip and sit down on the floor while keeping the knees bent at a 90 degree angle and feet off the floor for added difficulty. Set yourself back so that the […]

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Cleanse & Detox post Holiday fun!

What are the ways, in which you detox your body? Do you detox at all? We just had an incredible holiday period of feasting and drinking over Christmas, so of course I for one, am feeling the aftermath of it. Dull skin, sore back and fingers, parched tongue… not great signs at all. A Spring […]

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