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Power in my Pocket! Say bye-bye to PMS …

What a hectic week!

I’m not even back home yet as I pen this quick post.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling low on energy this week and was wondering “why so out of character” and then, my period came unexpectedly. Wow, no wonder I was so run down.

Lucky for me I had backup.


My life saver during that time of the month. I actually forgot to take it with me traveling one time round and ended up suffering PMS side effects – Progessence Phyto Plus is mainly the fabulous benefits of the wild yam, bottled in a bottle, mixed with other great essential oils, just for you, the woman. The herb, also known as colic root, has a relaxing effect. Wild yam has been known to physicians for its antispasmodic properties, often a natural source used to relieve menstrual cramps and pain from endometriosis.

So with this tiny bottle in hand, I could harness the power of the wild yam extract, anytime any place. How liberating you say! All women should have this in their pockets, or their massive handbags rather than all the other useless paraphernalia, don’t you think. The smell itself is awesome.. and I love to wear it anyway like a blanket of protection, every day, each day, and especially during that time of the month.

Seriously the best thing since sliced bread.





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