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Tell me what you know about Night Terrors..? Nothing.

Last week as indeed a challenging week as a mother and parent.

Our little one woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t be comforted.

Me and my hubby tried everything – water, milk, food, rocking, cuddling, singing, even walking around the room, but her wailing escalated beyond our capabilities to handle it. What an awful night. We figured it must have been a nightmare as she didn’t show any physical signs of illness. An overactive imagination, that’s what it was.


Second night, I decided to slather her in Lavender + Cedarwood Essential Oil (blended with carrier oil). When she awoke again in the middle of the night showing signs of distress, I used the oils on her, once again. She immediately fell back to sleep. It was like a tranquil cloud had fallen around us and even I fell back to sleep almost instantly. And I repeated this the 3rd night too.. for the entire week with perfect sleep results.

So.. why hadn’t I immediately reached for the oils on the first night instead of trying every other trick in the book..? Blame it on a groggy 3a.m. head, but I think muscle memory plays a part. The sooner we get used to reaching for the oils, the better our lives! Back in the day I’d religiously use the oils on Luca. But as she developed into a strong healthy toddler, I soon forgot to use them as often on her. We’ve started the nightly ritual of massaging her feet with the oils before bedtime again .. and all is right with the world once more.




Excerpt from the song Pursuit of Happiness …

“Tell me what you know about dreaming, dreaming?
You don’t really know about nothing, nothing
Tell me what you know about them night terrors every night
5 AM, cold sweats, waking up to the sky?
Tell me what you know about dreams, dreams?
Tell me what you know about night terrors? Nothing
You don’t really care about the trials of tomorrow
Rather lay awake in the bed full of sorrow.. “

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