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Archive | February, 2016

How to make homemade Yogurt

Here’s one way to make homemade Yogurt. Saves money and u can feed the entire family! This one makes 2 liters at a time and once a week. USE: 2 liters whole milk (can use raw milk, organic milk, or regular milk…but never pasteurized) 1/4 cup Plain Whole-Milk store-bought Yogurt, use a good quality brand that […]

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Tarting around, with Tart Cherries

If you work out daily, like I do, you are bound to get sore muscles. Here’s my big (well maybe not so big) secret, how to help muscle repair, and shorten recovery time. One of nature’s most potent classes of flavonoids is anthocyanins. These powerhouse nutrients are responsible for the deep colors in some berries, […]

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Review Adidas pureBOOST X

Ahhh so how do I like my new Adidas pureBOOST X? If you are an avid runner, (especially if you are a woman, and always waiting for the next great thing in running shoes), you will know that while there are companies that make their women’s shoes, specifically to the foot-shaped model of women, they […]

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Hot date.. with Red Dates!

The countdown to Chinese New year begins… and with that, our larder is filled with all sorts of delicious fruits, including the super nutritions Red Dates. Did you know, that though Dates are considered in the same class as pitted fruit, which includes mangoes, olives etc, in China they’ve been labeled as “the king of […]

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