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Burn Fat with these 3 great Body Weight Exercises!

Here are 3 great workouts that do not need weights but when done properly with give you the overall strength and fitness that supplements your other cardio workouts.


Workout #1 – Legs and Hips

Jump lunges to failure – Lunge position with one foot in front and one foot behind, hips lowered into a squat.
Begin with normal lunge, with front leg at a 90 degree angle in the squat position and back leg behind you.
Squat body explosively up into a jump. Replace your feet in the air, moving back leg in front, and front leg in back. Go straight into lunge with opposite legs. Keep chest and torso upright and engaged throughout entire movement.

One legged squats to failure – if you can’t do one-legged squats, do regular squats but make sure you go down as much as possible.

Burpees 20 reps – this is actually an all rounded workout, and great because you still utilize body weight when you push yourself off the ground.


Workout #2 – Arms, Chest and Back

Pull ups to failure – it’s a difficult enough exercise so ladies, you might want to use a resistance band on one leg (lasso to the beam) to help you, but don’t swing around to gain momentum.

Pike push ups to failure – Using the TRX, with your legs strapped to the TRX, pike up and pause for 2 seconds when down, explode up and move down again without pausing

Plank in lowered push up position for 50 seconds, right after your last pike push up.

Dips to failure – use bars or a table, move slow in controlled movements. Rest 2 minutes and repeat as many rounds as you can.


Workout #3 – Core and Abs

Hanging leg raises to failure – Find yourself a monkey bar to hang from – lifts your legs straight up in controlled movements to 90 degrees, and try not to bend the knees unless your core is too weak.

V-sits to failure – once again, move in controlled movements in regular tempo. For added intensity use this technique.

Rotating Windmills till failure (see video)


IF you follow this schedule you will see results in no time!

Monday – workout #1
Wednesday – workout #2
Friday – workout #3
Sunday – workout #1
Tuesday – workout #2
and so on…

Good luck and have fun!

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