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Friday Pooch Blasters!

Some mornings you just ‘feel’ fat around the middle.


Have no fear.. Leg circles are amazingly effective in getting rid of that stubborn lower belly pooch! This exercise also help those irritating love handles and builds strong abs.

Lie on the floor with your legs extended straight. Keep your abs tight and lower back pressed to the floor. Lift your legs straight up until they are off the floor. The closer to the floor, the harder.

The Movement – start making big circles with your legs joined together. Starting from the center, draw a circle by taking your legs to the left, then down and up to the right and back to the center. Do clockwise as well as anti-clockwise, 10 times each direction. Feel the burn .. and a flatter pooch in no time;)


And the next is probably my all time favourite core and Ab/pooch blaster. The Superman!

Start in a plank position. Engage your deep core muscles by drawing in your belly button and maintaining a neutral spine. Raise your right arm to shoulder height and your left leg to hip height simultaneously. Hold (and breathe) for 20 seconds (or longer if you can), reaching forward with your fingers and pushing back with your heel. Gently lower and repeat on the opposite arm and leg.

Beginners: 10 reps, alternating sides

Intermediate: 14-16 reps, alternating sides

Advanced: till muscle failure

Added difficulty, you may swing out to 45 degrees, with your leg and arm in opposite directions. Try to keep your balance – there’s an added bonus of working the core and balance in this one. Enjoy!

Other tips:

1) Keep your breathing steady throughout – don’t hold your breath.

2) Don’t lift up too high, your spine should stay in a neutral position


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