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The Most Effective Fat Burning And Muscle Building Workout

The Most Effective Fat Burning And Muscle Building Workout, can be done at home!

The following exercises should be performed with little or no rest between and you may need to adjust the number of repetitions or time depending upon your current fitness level.


  • Push-ups (slower reps or decline push ups, for advanced) – as many reps as possible
  • Jumping Jacks –1 minute
  • Bodyweight squat (one-leg squat for advanced) – 15-20 reps
  • Kick butts (jog in place and kick your rear with both heels) – 1 minute
  • Hamstring floor bridge (use swiss ball or one leg for advanced) – 15-20 reps
  • Superman (lying on stomach w/ arms out to side, lift legs and chest off floor) – 15-20 reps
  • High knees (jog in place lifting knees as high as possible) – 1 minute
  • Stationary lunge – 15-20 reps
  • Torso rotations/twists – 20 reps each direction
  • Side bends/reaches – 20 reps each direction
  • Mountain climbers – 1 minute (if you can)
  • Wall sit – as long as you can hold it
  • Dips (use chair/bench/stairs) – as many reps as possible

Perform it 2-3 times thru without rest. Even if you are not winded the first time round, you are guaranteed to feel it by the third! Good luck!!

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