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Burn Fat , Build Muscle!

Try these sets for maximum fat burning results.  Here are 10 effective fat burning exercises that build muscle! The Top 10 Best Fat Burning Exercises are… 1. Jackknife Crunches Jackknife Crunches are tough and make you activate your entire core – if done correctly, it engages both the upper and lower abs for maximal toning […]

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Feel the sting of the Scorpion push-up!

What’s tougher than a push up? A scorpion push-up of course. This is regarded as an advanced core and upper body workout designed to be a fun challenge. You need to activate your shoulder stabilizers and abs at an even higher level. When done optimally, your lats will be screaming blue murder as well! The […]

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Hello Sexy Shoulders!

Here are some simple exercises for you to do a home, that does not require gym equipment. Just body resistance and a few simple tools that you have around the house will suffice! 1. Use a Resistance Band For this you can just use a rubber tube. Begin with your arms extended straight out in […]

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Potty over Planking !

I’ve always been gaga over planks (or variations of it) and planking, because it really gives you that final, extra burn, after a workout. The plank is also easy to do, and you don’t need much space. It’s great for the core, balance and strength. It tones your arms, legs, butt and abs, and I […]

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