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Feel the sting of the Scorpion push-up!

What’s tougher than a push up?

A scorpion push-up of course.

This is regarded as an advanced core and upper body workout designed to be a fun challenge. You need to activate your shoulder stabilizers and abs at an even higher level. When done optimally, your lats will be screaming blue murder as well!


The way to do it is to perform a regular push-ups, however lift one leg and bend at the knee. Your foot should be slightly pointing towards your head like a scorpion tail. This changes the angle that you perform the push-up so that you are slightly putting more emphasis on the shoulders and less on the chest. Repeat for each leg.

Start with 5 then 10, then 15 reps. As you get stronger you can increase the push up repetitions just like any regular push up.. Good luck and enjoy the burn! 🙂

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