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Hello Sexy Shoulders!

Here are some simple exercises for you to do a home, that does not require gym equipment. Just body resistance and a few simple tools that you have around the house will suffice!


1. Use a Resistance Band

For this you can just use a rubber tube. Begin with your arms extended straight out in front of you, holding the band with both hands.

Initiate the movement by performing a reverse fly motion, moving your hands out laterally to your sides.

Keep your elbows extended as you perform the movement, bringing the band to your chest. Ensure that you keep your shoulders back during the exercise.
Pause as you complete the movement, returning to the starting position under control.


2. Swim the Front Crawl

Want to have nice shoulders – do the front crawl.

The Front Crawl, aka Freestyle is performed by using an alternating arm motion to move a swimmer through the water. As one arm moves from the hips to the head out of the water, the other arm does an S-curve pull under the water. This S-curve pull uses most of the muscles in the upper body. The first part of the S-curve – where the hand catches the water and begins the pull by executing a sculling motion – uses the forearm muscles and your latissimus dorsi. The middle portion of the S-curve pull works the biceps and deltoids, while the completion of the curve – the portion where the arm leaves the water – works the triceps. So yeah, beautiful arms/shoulders and body if you do the front crawl correctly.


3. Practice the Side Plank

Planks are good for the abs, but they also work for the shoulders. This is especially true of the side plank.

Start with your palm firmly planted on the ground and your feet stacked upon one another, staggered slightly. Push yourself up, extend the opposite arm up towards the sky and hold for 30 seconds.

Carefully relax to your starting position and switch sides. Repeat holding on your right and left sides a total of three times.


4. Do Front Raises

Just grab a bag/weights or something sufficiently heavy for resistance, but not so heavy you can’t life it. You don’t need to work with gym weights alone. Any weighted item in your home (even a big bottle of mineral water) will do.

Stand with your feet around shoulder width apart. Hold the bag, and keeping a slight bend in your elbows, slowly raise the bag up until your arms are just above parallel to the floor.
Pause, and then slowly lower the plate back to the starting position.
Repeat for desired reps.

Using a moderate to heavy weight, perform 15 to 18 repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat two more times.


5. Work at Arm Extensions With Lunge

Extend your arms straight out to the sides and hold them there as you and lunge forward, bending deeply in the knee, alternating legs, for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 and repeat two more times. Eventhough this sounds easy, by the 2nd set, your deltoids/shoulders should be burning!



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