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Potty over Planking !

I’ve always been gaga over planks (or variations of it) and planking, because it really gives you that final, extra burn, after a workout.

The plank is also easy to do, and you don’t need much space. It’s great for the core, balance and strength. It tones your arms, legs, butt and abs, and I recommend everyone does it till momentary muscle failure – because that’s when you get the maximum results.


Here are some Variations of the Plank or Planking, that you should try too:

Basic Plank

Hold till muscle failure. With this, as with all the planks, make sure your core is firm and you’re neither sagging your hips down nor popping your booty up into the air — your body should be in as straight a line as possible, with your head held at a neutral angle.

Basic Side Plank

I love this one! Again hold till muscle failure, then repeat on other side. Use straight arm if possible, but if that compromises form, go down to your forearms.

Side Plank With Hip Drop

Drop and Raise, Drop and Raise – Repeat till muscle failure. Don’t get wobbly nor lose your form. Your body should be in a straight line.

Plank With Leg Flexion/Extension Plus Obliques

Bring your knee in to your chest while keeping your body as straight as possible, kick it back, then bring your knee out to the side, and back again, then switch feet. Hold (either straight arms or forearms) for 1 minute, rest 1 minute, repeat 3x. Think of this as a controlled variation of mountain climbers.

Plank With Arm Rotation

OMG, this one should kill you. It is something we do at TRX as well, with our legs in the stirrups. Keep your feet shoulder-width but put your base hand a little toward the middle of your chest (for balance). With control, lift the other arm up to the sky, then bring it down, under your body, reaching toward the opposite side. Repeat till muscle failure, then do the other side.


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