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Sleeping your way to Better Sex

Word is out.

The more you sleep, the better the sex.


And this is not an arbitrary statement.. a study called the *The Impact of Sleep on Female Sexual Response and Behavior; Kalmbach published in the Journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine (16 MAR 2015) documents their findings.

This study looked at the role of sleep in 171 women, and how it correlated to sexual desire.

Research so far has shown that short sleep duration and poor sleep quality lead to poor female sexual response. However, prior research consists of cross-sectional studies, and the influence of sleep on sexual functioning and behavior has not been prospectively examined.

This study examined the influence of nightly sleep duration, sleep quality, and sleep onset latency on daily female sexual response and activity.

So, 171 women free of antidepressants were tested, and the findings were amazing!

In women, with every 1 hour extra you sleep = 14% increase in sexual drive! 

So as a huge advocate of sleep (and there are other diseases which sleep can cure), trust me when I say, that sleep is key and we really should get more of it. And now, great sex is yet another excuse to sleep more!

Here’s a post on foods that aid in good sleep and also how sleep can reduce obesity.

Results of the study for those who are interested in statistics and calculations : The longer the sleep duration was related to greater next-day sexual desire (b = 0.32, P = 0.02), and that a 1-hour increase in sleep length corresponded to a 14% increase in odds of engaging in partnered sexual activity (odds ratio = 1.14, P < 0.05). In contrast, sleeping longer predicted poorer next-day genital arousal (b = −0.19, P < 0.01). However, results showed that women with longer average sleep duration reported better genital arousal than women with shorter average sleep length (b = 0.54, P = 0.03).

*The Impact of Sleep on Female Sexual Response and Behavior: A Pilot Study
David A. Kalmbach PhD1,*, J. Todd Arnedt PhD1, Vivek Pillai PhD2 andJeffrey A. Ciesla PhD3

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