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Hello Japan! Why running on holiday is good for you

Here we are, in Japan, with 2 weeks of  temperatures of 5°C to look forward to.. and loving it! From Osaka, to Kyoto, Nagoya, Mt Fuji and finally Tokyo for the Marathon on the 22nd of Feb, we find this country a fantastic, highly runnable place.


So here’s why running on holiday is good for you…


1. You can save money on public transport.. just running past all the exciting monuments is a great way to see the town and experience it first hand, without having to hop on or off a single mode of transportation.


2. You get to work off the massive Breakfast, lunch and dinner you just pigged out on all day. Keeping warm has never been easier.


3. It’s healthy and you get to be in charge of your route.. just make sure you have google maps with you, and a wifi hub.. and you are all set.


4. Going off the beaten path has never been more fun. This is the way to discover hidden cafes and shops for a hot chocolate fix or coffee which has not been written about in Tripadvisor. You will be the first!


5. Great way to warm up for the actual Tokyo Marathon on the 22nd. Also, meeting other runners and registering for a local short run has never been easier.  Friendly healthy, like-minded people.. if you speak the language, even better.. otherwise just talk the language of fitness and most will get it.. eventually!



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