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Marathon done & Dusted – the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

19 March 2017 marked the 32nd edition of the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, and I was one of the privileged persons selected by Skechers to run it. Nearly 24,000 participants from all 50 states and 63 countries participated in the race. We had a welcome reception where we met international runners as well as […]

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Do compression socks work?

Well that’s a question I have been asking as well. You see, I used to be more of a bare-bones kinda runner, who found anything longer or more restrictive than shorts and ankles socks, well, restrictive and way to hot for this weather. So one day, I decided to try them out for myself. True […]

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10 Tips to Running your best Marathon

Having just completed my first Full Marathon, in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, I feel like I am bursting with gratitude for having been given the honor to participate. Here are my 10 tips on running a full marathon, and running it well, so you can have the best race possible! 1. Train hard, but train […]

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