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5 Great Reasons to Run on Holiday, into the New Year!

I never forget to pack my running gear when on holiday.

It might mean an extra pair of shoes, and gym wear, but it is totally worth it, and I will tell you why in a minute…


Here are 5 Great Reasons to Run on Holiday, into the New Year!

1. You see more of the city and get to meet local folk.. run through a market place or two, national monuments, and gorgeous parks.. all these are also epic photo moments so don’t forget your smartphone!


2. It’s healthy – you get to burn off all that holiday beer and binge eating you’ve been indulging in. Also you get to  earn that New Year Party dinner! You can indulge in guilt-free booze and nosh, during the countdown to NY.


3. Finish Strong. You might have been active all year, but don’t let the final week of partying get you into messy shape. Finish fit and strong and you will looking positively into the new year!


4. Be Ahead of the Game. On the 1st of the year, everyone resolves to be in better shape.. to quit this or that. YOU, my friend, will be one step ahead of the game.. as you are already starting the new year in top form.


5. Reduce aging weight. Research shows that for every 2 years, we women gain 1KG (some even more). It’s to do with a slowing of the metabolic rate. However, if you make sure you enter the new year with a surplus (or rather negative), you will ensure you can still fit into those skinny jeans, and maintain your envious figure.

Here’s to 2015 my engerizer bunnies. Keep up the good sweat!


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