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Top ways to Burn Calories in a Day!

2015 has got to be the year, YOU and the entire family if possible, start making some changes, towards a healthier life style. Enough of being a couch potato.. and of babying kids around on their butts, in air conditioned cars. Just get up and WALK!

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Here are 3 practical ways to burn Calories in a Day!

1. Walk everywhere! 

Have you noticed that today’s society is creating fat and lazy children? I mean, just a short stroll to the shops won’t hurt one bit, yet parents keep shuttling their kids into the car for a mere 5 minute drive to lunch. And oh my Lord.. the air-conditioning at sub zero temps! It’s no wonder all those fat pores are clogged with no outlet for sweat. Get up and walk – the best way to rev up your appetite and to lower your triglyceride count and fat levels in the blood, is to walk before a meal. Heck, even if you walk after a meal, that’s great as it goes a long way to digest your food as well.

2. Short Workouts during the Day

A quick run around the block, a floor mat for yoga, or a visit to the gym – a short 30 minute workout during your lunch break can do wonders for your focus on your work later. It also increases the fuel burning metabolism. Workout anytime of day if you can. Just workout!

3. Spurts of Sweat at anytime of day!

Healthy glowing skin, brights shiny eyes. Sweating is good for us – there’s no need to get kitted up or drive any where for this,  2 minutes of intense burpees or push ups, jack knife for the abs and you will be sweating in no time. I keep an Abs wheel in the car – you can just roll out and work the abs any place you are, that has some floor space and some privacy. Who said working out had to be confined to the gym.

4. Lift Weights

If you can’t get to a gym, lift your grocery shopping, lift boxes as you clean the house, lift pails of water too if you must. Just lift weights. Body weight is also considered weights, so as you wait around for a ride, or friends to show up, try 45° push ups agains the kitchen counter or table top.

5. Pick up a physical hobby

It could be tai-chi, dancing, swimming or boxing. Just perspiring for one hour is all you need to burn more calories than you did last year. It’s that easy. Why not start today? 🙂

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