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Running the good race … 3 months postpartum

#transformationtuesday is all about the transformation of your body, from bad to good, hopefully!

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And today, remembering my pregnancy… Seems like a heartbeat ago I was carrying Luca Olesya.


Who in the blink of an eye will be 4 months old! I am almost back to original form now but the process has been slow.. after all, I did carry a little human inside me for 9 months, & you don’t exactly bounce back from that immediately.


The focus has been to build muscle lost during the pregnancy and to work on that core. Everything stems from a strong core, otherwise there’s no point even attempting running a marathon.

Luckily hubby has been whipping me back into shape with HIIT workouts (on top of my runs.. *gulp*)

All systems go, towards running my comeback marathon early next year.. totally psyched & going all out .. No turning back.

And when you have a 3 month old to take care of, you run when you can. I used to be a morning runner, but weekends are now 10km 6pm runs! Who cares.. So long as bubs is happy and I am healthy, that’s all that matters. I’m kinda loving the long shadows and breezy calm that gives way to dusk, as 7pm arrives.


So now, short and swift runs during the weekdays, and LSDs during the weekend. Life is starting to resemble some form of normality now. This is me, 3.5 weeks postpartum, and loving the process!


Next, teaching a 3.5 month old to swim. Stay tuned!

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