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HIIT Fatburner – the Star Jump Squats

Star Jump Squats !


Try this fat burner after any cardio exercise to really challenge the muscles and activate the fat burning furnace… I like to do this after my 10km run. The burn is incredible..

Begin in a relaxed stance with your feet shoulder width apart and hold your arms close to the body. Squat down into a deep squat and explode back up as high as possible. Fully extend your entire body, spreading your legs and arms away from the body.

Bring your arms and legs inward near your body as you begin to descend from the jump. Land soft, with your knees bent.

Squat and push-off vertically again to perform a second star jump. This exercise can be done repeatedly. By pulling your limbs inward on the descent, you prepare yourself for successive jumps.


Not only does this exercise strengthen the quadriceps and core, it’s a great Fat burner too.. enjoy!

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