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Abs Shredder! The Knee Up Twist

This morning’s run on Kiara hill, followed by this Abs shredder called the Knee Up Twist.. It’s great for your core too.



1. Set up in full plank position with your hands underneath your shoulders and legs long. Pull your right knee in to your nose (make sure you pull your abdominals up and away from your thigh).

2. Transition to a side plank, putting all the weight into your right arm, turning to the inside of the left foot and reaching left arm to the sky. Continue to pull right knee to nose.

3. Lower the left hand and return to plank with knee drawn in, then externally rotate leg to open knee to right. Try to get the right leg parallel to the floor. Hold for a moment and return to start, step back to plank and repeat with opposite leg.

Alternate legs for 15 -20 reps. Enjoy! 😛



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